10 Digital Marketing Questions Every Small Business Should Answer Yes To

If you don’t answer yes to these questions, there is opportunity for great improvement to be made in your digital marketing.

1 – Do you have the different aspects of your business’s digital marketing working together?

Integration in today’s digital marketing environment is key. Social can dramatically improve your search rankings. Video can build your brand and click through rates. Doing SEO on your social profiles can get your website AND your social profiles appearing high on search results. Managing your website properly can increase the number of visitors from directories, search and social profiles. Promoting your SMS and Email campaigns from your social profiles can increase membership. Having a coordinated marketing effort improves performance dramatically and lowers costs at the same time.

2 – Is your business actively building your social network community?

Its great to post to your social profiles but if no one sees your posts or is liking and sharing them you are dramatically limiting the impact of your social profiles. Engaging the community your business targets by liking, following, commenting and sharing improves performance in a big way.

3 – Are you actively managing and promoting positive reviews for your business?

Your reputation is important for a variety of reasons. The number and quality of your reviews on major sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook and other directories can improve your search rankings. In addition you get a much higher click through rate when searchers see you have many positive reviews. Its important to foster positive reviews from happy customers and mitigate unhappy reviewers with methods to get them to remove or even reverse their low rating.

4 – Do you utilize the full power of video in your digital marketing?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. Video converts potential customers in powerful fashion. Video builds confidence in your brand. And good video details can improve your search results and social activity outside of YouTube.

5 – Do you have a strategy for customer loyalty?

Utilizing SMS and Email list signups from your website can give you a chance to build loyalty. Rewards programs can encourage more regular purchases. Numerous loyal social followers can be your advocates to your target customers and are more likely to purchase often. Manage loyalty and you grow from your existing customer base.

6 – Does your business manage your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) in a way that doesn’t detriment your traffic?

Local businesses can gain tremendous visitor numbers from strong map listings like Google and Bing Maps. One of the most important keys to this is having large numbers of exactly matching NAP listings across the most important directory sites as well as in social media mentions. Manage these well and your map results improve.

7 – Is your business at the top of the most important search engine queries for your customer interests?

If you appear at the top of search engine results for your most important keywords you gain visitors in large numbers. The best place to be is where customers are actively looking for your business and appearing above your competitors.

8 – Does your business website act as the hub for all of your digital marketing activities?

Your website should be the powerful confidence building face of your business to the world. It should be the source for your social posts where content from your site gets shared out to social communities. It should attract SMS and email list signups to build loyalty. Your website should be structured so that it optimizes your search rankings. It should be a place where loyal customers can find great offers on your products or services. Make your website a powerful integrated hub for your marketing activities where potential and existing customers build confidence in your brand.

9 – Is your business presenting a clear, consistent and memorable brand to your customers wherever they see you?

Having memorable logos, taglines and offers appear consistently across your digital marketing efforts increases the likelihood that you’ll get a click on the 2nd or 3rd time a user sees your brand online. Too often unclear branding and inconsistent messaging causes confusion and reduces customers associating all your efforts with your business. Build confidence and results with a clear vision of your business to your customers.

10 – Are you truly mobile ready in your digital marketing approach?

Mobile is not simply the future of the web, it is the present. It is very likely that more than half of the visitors to your website are visiting from a smartphone. And when you throw in tablets it is almost a lock that most of your visits are coming from a mobile device. Most websites designed even a couple years ago will give a terrible experience for mobile visitors and cause you to lose a large number of your potential customers. What’s more even if your device is readable from a mobile device, so many websites conversion elements are not incorporated into their mobile view nearly as well. Don’t lose myriad customers because you simply you’re not mobile friendly.

Pat yourself on the back for what your business is doing well. Now go out and start improving in the areas where you can help your business grow. A well managed and integrated digital marketing approach can drive great business and help you build a brand that lasts.


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